Snow Leopards Welcome Spring in Mongolia

March marked the beginning of the spring season in Mongolia,   and we are proud to welcome snow leopard expert Orjan back to our base camp in the South Gobi. We are looking forward to collaring more snow leopards in the month of April, but here is what our currently collared cats have been up too.

Aztai has been traveling throughout his central home range and then to the east, meeting up with Khashaa and M9 on March 9th. Khashaa and her cub travelled together until March 23rd, and they stayed approximately four kilometers apart until the 29th.

Lasya traveled the entire central area of her home range during March, and was seen with Aztai at two separate locations between February 23rd and February 28th. It is possible that they may have mated.

Anu was on a cluster site (a potential kill) on March 5th-9th and then went on to circle the entire area of her home range. Anu met up with Khavar on February 20th-22nd, and again on the 29th. Unfortunately, Khavar slipped his collar on that same day (February 29th), and so we have not been able to tell if these two met up again. We suspect these two may have mated as well.


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