Snow Leopards Caught on Camera!

Trap cameras are in place to photograph snow leopards. This just in from Koustubh, our Regional Field Biologist:  

You are going to love this! We now have 13 snow leopard triggers in 261 camera nights (one capture every 20 camera nights!). We now also  know each of the snow leopard that has triggered our cameras other than  one individual who could not be identified as we got only the tip of its tail due to bad alignment of the camera (we realigned it and it is now capturing many animals!).

We’ve named the four individuals as: Eureka (our first snow leopard); Uncle (always  busy walking with head down); Longtail (has an incredibly long tail); Inquisitive (peeped into one of our cameras). Longtail triggered three distant cameras in just one day, whereas Inquisitive triggered two close cameras in one day!

That is it for now, just too excited to keep this for the next scheduled email day!

Cheers, Koustubh

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