GPS Collar Worn by “Bayad” Finally Found

This just in: After a few tense months of wondering if we would ever find the GPS collar which our snow leopard (Bayad) carried for over a year, our team finally located it high in the mountains of Chitral, Pakistan.  Bayad

The collar dropped off in January, as it was programmed to do, but eluded us for months. After fruitless searching and following the signal with a hi-tech VHF receiver, our team finally decided to build their own tracking devise using an old FM radio.

From Jaffar, our senior biologist in Pakistan:

“This is indeed great pleasure to inform you that our team retrieved Bayad’s collar today at 1215hrs, inside a narrow crack of a deep crevice at Shali Gol (Buffer zone of Chitral Gol National Park) after more then two months regular and tiring search effort in a highly rough and difficult terrain of Hindu Kush mountain range.”

Bayad is the first wild snow leopard to be collared with GPS radio technology. Sign up for the Snow Leopard Trust eNews to recieve regular updates about Bayad.

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  1. Here is another note that I picked up from

    “The researchers led by Jaffaruddin, a wildlife biologist, employed a ground tracking system through VHF (very high frequency) receiver to detect signals coming from VHF Beacon Transmitter.

    He said that when they were at about one square kilometre from the collar site, the high altitude cliffs, rough terrain and narrow and deep gorges of Hindu Kush acted as parabolic mirror and beamed the signal to an opposite side valley. ”

    No wonder it was hard to find!!

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