Snow Leopard Fast Facts

Here are some numbers we wanted to share with you:

Longtail’s tail is 92 cm (36 inches) long–almost as long as his body, which is 118 cm long.

The longest distance Aztai has traveled in one day is 11 miles. Compare that to Bayad, the snow leopard that the Trust collared in Pakistan: the longest distance she traveled in one day was 8 miles .

In one year, Bayad walked about 520 miles.

In just two months, Aztai has used an area of roughly 221 square miles.


  1. Great caring for magnificent Snow leopards, what amazing animals, what an example of nature’s design and what evil to kill them for skins. My 50 yr discovery is how serum albumin >4.7% stabilizes the P53 gene against mutations that is the basic cause of all cancers. If you ever test snow leopard blood let me know the serum albumin levels we predict it is hgh ~40g/L (4.0%). What beautifil animals! regards ,

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