Welcome to the Partners Principles Online Toolkit

Watch these introductory videos where we share why the course was developed, what the training is about and who may find it interesting.

Engaging and partnering with such local communities is critical to the success of conservation efforts. The practical challenges of achieving effective engagement are considerable and conservation practitioners often learn from trial and error.

A set of principles and guidelines for community-based conservation, called the PARTNERS principles, have been developed based on the extensive experience of the Snow Leopard Trust partner network. They comprise a set of eight key principles for effectively taking forward community-based conservation programs. The principles have evolved into a workshop and this online toolkit to allow for practitioners to gather and discuss experiences and conservation issues.

We hope that these principles will help us reflect on our work and think of how we can work towards developing stronger and more resilient relationships with community partners. If you are a conservation practitioner, or are preparing to work in conservation, the PARTNERS Principles may help you explore, discuss and share different perspectives and approaches to community based conservation. Come join us, we hope you will find this module useful.

Course Details:

  • 8 Principles
  • 50 Videos
  • 5 Exercises

You may find that principles will overlap, but for the sake of simplicity we will focus on two principles at a time. We will share real world case studies to discuss and dissect each principle. In the situation that you are taking the module in a group, we would encourage you to pause and have discussions within your group. And yes, do send us your questions and feedback. They will only help make these modules more interesting and useful to others who take them. Finally, please read the Introduction chapter in the book “The PARTNERS Principles for Community-Based Conservation.” It introduces the key themes we discuss throughout this toolkit.

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Presence & Aptness
Respect & Transparency
Negotiation & Empathy
Responsiveness & Strategic Support