Orjan finally found a girl!

Orjan has just placed GPS collars on two more snow leopards: Saikhan (fifth cat to be collared) and, this morning, a female snow leopard (sixth cat to be collared, as yet no nickname). You can read Orjan’s account of Saikhan HERE, but the female snow leopard is so new, we still have very little information. Here is what we do know:

She’s small, about 30 kg, and she is most likely not the mother of Saikhan and/or Shonkhor.

This is the first female to enter our long-term study.


  1. Hi Orjan! I read about you in our newspaper here i Gothenburg, Sweden, and now I follow your adventures on this webpage. I am very interested in snow leopards. A few weeks ago I saw five of them in Nordens Ark on the Westcost of Sweden. I hope you will find a good name for the girl. Good Luck! Greetings from Sweden, David 6½ year old and his mother.

  2. Hello David (and mom),

    I am glad to hear that you are so interested in Snow Leopards. I saw the five Snow Leopards at Nordens Ark when I was at home for a break last Christmas. They look just like the ones we have out here. We have named the girl Suhder, it means “shadow” in Mongolian. It feels as if I have been chasing a shadow in my attempts to catch a girl. I hope that you will continue reading what happens in the study and that you keep your interest in wildlife.

    There will be a long article about the study in the June edition of the Swedish magazine Flora & Fauna (in Swedish), maybe you can find it in the library.

    Greetings from Tost, Mongolia


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