Message of compassion and hope from Snow Leopard Trust

With the pandemic appearing to ebb and the first vaccines already rolled out, 2021 began with much hope. As the lockdowns were lifted and the snows melted, our teams were even able to resume precious bits of suspended fieldwork.

Yet, four months later, the pandemic rages on with ferocity, continuing to cause unimaginable hardship around the world. Countries like India and Brazil are currently facing the brunt, while citizens in no country remain insulated from pandemic-related tragedies.

Many of you have mourned the loss of friends or family, or the general human suffering we are seeing all around. Some of us at the Snow Leopard Trust too have lost family and friends. We have also grieved for some of our amazing friends and elders from the local communities we partner with across Asia’s high mountains. It has been a difficult time all around.

Yet, in these moments of despair, none of us is alone. We have all been brought together by snow leopards. Be it our staff in multiple countries or our supporters around the globe; our local community partners, or our collaborators in governments; our family is spread around the world, and it cares. Hard as it has been, let us continue to draw strength from each other, and never lose hope. This too shall pass.

Stay safe,

Charu Mishra


  1. Charu, thank you for this beautiful message of compassion and hope. Despite the hardship and tragedy that has affected all of us, the work of the Snow Leopard Trust all over world continues to inspire us.

  2. Thank you Charu for this inspiring reminder of hope. We will get through this together! We are so grateful for the work of the Trust and for your leadership.
    Take care,

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