BBC series: Ghosts in the Snow

Have you watched the recent BBC series, Snow Leopards: Ghosts in the Snow? If not, we highly recommend you do so immediately! Follow Dan O’Neill as he travels through Kyrgyzstan to learn more about snow leopard conservation.

The film packs together various elements of snow leopard conservation, including field research, partnership with local communities, education, government ownership while highlighting key threats faced by the species. You might even see a few familiar faces along the way as Dan gets closer to seeing a snow leopard in the wild.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Episode Four:


  1. What your group does to help the Snow leopards and the local populous is heartwarming. I wish I could do more to assist you in your endeavors. THANK YOU!

  2. My brother lives in town called Kara-Kul which is in Jalalabad said. Very beautiful and high mountains around there as well. He is a farmer and he sow a snow leopard ones 🐆
    I am very proud of my country that we got this animals 🥰😍

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