Take Action to Minimize Disease Transmission Between Wildlife and People

We are petitioning to the Environment Ministers of the 12 snow leopard range countries
We are calling on leaders from the snow leopard range countries to strengthen conservation efforts and minimize disease transmission between wildlife and people. 

Why is this important?

The COVID-19 pandemic is a truly global tragedy of immense proportions that reminds us that we are all intricately connected. It’s also a critical reminder of the close relationship between human and wildlife health and the need to protect both at once. 

Snow leopards inhabit some of the last great mountain strongholds on earth, but these mountains are not removed from the global pandemic nor the risk of future outbreaks. In snow leopard habitat across the globe, people, livestock, and wildlife live in close proximity. They share habitats, pastures, and water sources. Continued poaching and trade of snow leopards and other mountain wildlife, warming weather patterns, new roads and infrastructure, pollution and the pressures of economic development all increase the risk of disease transmission. Snow leopard habitats are also home to glaciers and permafrost surfaces that have been frozen for millennia. Erratic climate patterns are already altering these habitats, potentially making the environment richer in pathogens, for which humans are likely to have little immunity.

People in remote mountain communities have few if any resources for healthcare, wildlife monitoring, and sustainable livelihoods. We cannot put high mountain communities and the world at risk of the next pandemic outbreak. 

We request the snow leopard nations of the world to: 

  • Prioritize healthcare support for local people in snow leopard habitat
  • Undertake stronger conservation measures to disrupt poaching and illegal trade of snow leopards, wild prey, and associated mountain wildlife 
  • Create adaptive and sustainable livelihood and income development programs and usher in green, sustainable mountain development over extractive and damaging industries 
  • Support disease research, surveillance and monitoring in mountain ecosystems

We ask the twelve snow leopard nations of the world to significantly strengthen conservation efforts and change the trajectory of economic development to make it environmentally sustainable and inclusive of local mountain communities. Let's join hands to save humanity and to protect snow leopards and the magnificent mountain biodiversity on our planet. 


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The petition is now closed, as it will be delivered to these politicians this Friday at the International Snow Leopard Forum in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

An incredible 202,349 people have signed - what a powerful signal for the snow leopard! Thank you so much!