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Ibex & Argali share the spotlight in Mongolia’s Tost Reserve

A recently published paper by SLT researcher Chagsaldulam Odonjavkhlan (Chagsaa) explores what allows similar herbivore species, a wild goat and a wild sheep, to coexist with little or no competition over resources. Her research examines the mechanisms of coexistence between two snow leopard prey species, the ibex and the argali.

Message of compassion and hope from Snow Leopard Trust

With the pandemic appearing to ebb and the first vaccines already rolled out, 2021 began with much hope. As the lockdowns were lifted and the snows melted, our teams were even able to resume precious bits of suspended fieldwork. Yet, four months later, the pandemic rages on with ferocity, continuing to cause unimaginable hardship around …

Women and natural resources: how nature, gender and social divisions intersect

To conserve snow leopards and natural resources better, we must understand and identify the important roles that women can – and do – play in local societies. In a recently published paper, Snow Leopard Trust researchers examine the role of women and the nuanced intersection between gender and social divisions in the governance of irrigation water in the Spiti Valley – a critical area for snow leopard conservation.