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A Risky Business or a Rich Reward?

Red foxes are one of the most ubiquitous carnivore species across the northern hemisphere, in no small part because of their adaptability in what and how they eat. In the clip above, you can see a fox and its kit gnawing at an unidentified piece of food, possibly scavenged from a nearby human settlement. They are also known to scavenge the kills of larger carnivores like snow leopards, a risky move that can see the fox injured or killed.

How Women in Pakistan are Protecting Snow Leopards

Snow Leopard Trust’s conservation partner in Pakistan, the Snow Leopard Foundation, recently piloted an apiculture project in one of the remote settings of the Upper Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The following story, told by one of the women who participated in this livelihood improvement project, illustrates how this initiative enhances household income and fosters positive attitudes toward wildlife conservation.

The Secret Love Lives of Wild Snow Leopards

It’s that time of year again in the high mountains of Central Asia. No, not Valentine’s Day but something similar in the big cat world. It’s snow leopard mating season. And a bit more than three months later comes snow leopard cub season. The above recent video capture of collared female snow leopard, Presnel and her three cubs was a good opportunity to ask Senior Scientist Dr. Örjan Johansson and Assistant Director of Science Dr. Gustaf Samelius to share some of their insights into snow leopard mating habits and reproduction.

A Day (and Night) in the Life of a Snow Leopard

When do snow leopards hunt their prey? When do they rest? While these questions may seem tangential to conservation, a better understanding of snow leopard activity patterns can help inform our conservation efforts to protect the species and prepare for any threats on the horizon. Read on to learn more about the days and nights in the life of a snow leopard.

A New Year filled with New Hope

We asked some of our team members to share what gives them hope for the future of snow leopards. As is often the case, it was difficult to pin them down since so many are out in the field at any given time. But a few found time to let us know what motivates and energizes them every day. Not surprisingly, a lot of that inspiration comes from YOU and our incredible community partners living in snow leopard landscapes.