Artist Partners

Snow Leopard Trust Artist Partners are a vital group of supporters who share their talents in honor of snow leopard conservation.

By contributing photography or artwork to an auction or project, each artist helps us create new and exciting ways to share our message. Even further, some artists also donate a percentage of their total sales, or from the sale of a particular product through their own channels. While we greatly appreciate your dedication to helping save snow leopards, we are unable to sell your artwork on your behalf (with split proceeds).

However, based on our needs (for auctions or sale on our website), we will occasionally accept in-kind donations of artwork such as paintings, sculptures or prints. Please be advised that we reserve the right to sell donated artwork for the benefit of the cats at a price we see fit. Unless we’ve commissioned a particular work, we can’t pay for shipping costs at this time.

We are deeply grateful to every artist who helps us encourage long-time supporters and reach new audiences through their work.

If you are an artist interested in partnering with the Snow Leopard Trust, please email or call our office for more information at 206.632.2421.

We are proud to partner with the following artists:

Anne-Marie Kalus – Photographer
Brad Allen – Photographer
Brian Czarnik – Photographer
Chad Killoran – Artist
Chris Conn – Photographer
Deborah Peters
Diane Versteeg – Scratch Board Artist
Emmanuel Keller – Photographer
Eric ‘Kuba’ Ash – Photographer
Gary Johnson – Painter
Glenn McColl – Photographer
Images in Ivory – Photographer
Jackie Morris – Author/Painter
Jamie Bolinaga – Artist
Jason Brown – Photographer
Jess Hansen – Painter/Digital Artist
Jim R. Harris Photography – Photographer
Julie Felton – Graphic Designer
Kelly Singleton
Kiran Moktan
Linda Besse
Lisa Ann Sparks – Glass Artist
Lisa Watkins – Painter
Marilyn Mandala – Painter
Melissa Dent – Painter
Michael Pape – Painter
Mike Seamons
Mina Jaguar – Photographer
Naomi C. Rose – Artist;Author
Natalie Mascall – Pastel Artist
Pamela McDonough – Painter;Sculptor
Rebecca Wolf-Nail
Richard Badger – Photographer
Robert Bateman – Painter
Samara King
Sherry Steele
Stephen Oachs – Photographer