Holiday Gift Guide: Make a Difference For Snow Leopards

This Holiday season, shop for meaningful, unique gifts for your loved ones and help protect your favorite big cat!

Under the label Snow Leopard Enterprises, herder women in Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan are making unique, beautiful handicrafts from the wool of their livestock and other natural resources available to them.

The income they make from these products allows them to improve their lives, send their kids to school, and absorb livestock losses when they occur. By participating in the program, these women pledge to keep snow leopards and their prey species in their area safe from harm!

Symbolic snow leopard adoptions are another great way of making a difference! Each adoption package comes with a personalized certificate and an (optional) plush snow leopards and other goodies – and 100% of the proceeds go directly to conservation programs in the field!

Last but not least, our Snow Leopard Trust logo products are a great way to raise awareness for these cats and our work. Calendars, t-shirts, baseball caps and more are not just beautiful – they’re also guaranteed conversation starters. As with all our products, your purchase helps fund conservation work on the ground!

Throughout the Holiday season, we’ll have different discounts and special offers – so check your inbox for the latest deals, and visit to browse!

International customers: To ensure delivery before Christmas, please make sure to place your order before December 8. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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