1. Well done SLT and James, a great resource for travellers and snow leopard supporters.
    Sibylle, Melbourne, Australia

  2. Hi,

    My name is James Cox and I’m a Zoo Keeper at Papanack Park Zoo which is situated just outside Ottawa, Canada.

    I was just going through the Find Zoos With Snow Leopards (which is great by the way) and thought I inform you of the Papanack’s very successful Snow Leopard breeding record for a very young zoo of only 14 yrs. It has 4 Snow leopards at the moment and had up to 9 at one time, before the offspring were sent to other zoos for breeding. We have a young male and female of different bloodlines that we hope to breed successful this winter.

    I loved to Papanack on the map as we are all very proud of working here.

    Big thanks to a amazing organization.

    Yours Sincerely

    James Cox


  3. really good site. i love snow leopards. i think the karakoram mountains are the best places to see proper wild snow leopards though………

  4. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m writing to you from Tallinn Zoo, Estonia.
    We are now preparing our new snow leopard enclosure. Looking for information on the species, I happened to find your website and saw the map of the zoos that are keeping this species.
    I would like to inform you, that Tallinn Zoo has been keeping snow leopards since 1964. First cub was born at our zoo in 1975, last cub in 2007.
    With kind regards,
    Inari Leiman
    Educational officer of Tallinn Zoo

  5. An awesome tribute to a fasinating cat and the ecosystem supporting this incrediblly fascinating fantom. I salute u sir.

  6. Please stop collaring and capturing snow leopards. Animals do not exist for our entertainment, nor is our ‘need’ for knowledge paramount above each creature’s right to an unimpeded life. How dare we? Not until we treat each creature on Earth with respect and dignity will humans be able to claim they are civilised. Empty zoos, fill minds. People destroy much more than they create.

  7. i live in cardiff south wales and would love to know where is the nearest zoo to where i live . this is not for me but for a women who loves snow leopards. thank you ,

  8. Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Wichita, KS, also has a snow leopard habitat. They have a strong focus in their park on wildlife conservation education, particularly the world’s most endangered species. For a relatively small park in the Midwest,e they do some really nice work. Please add these to your list, and thank you for this great collection!

  9. I would like to inform you that, Indian zoos also have snow leopards.
    The Darjeeling zoo is one of most successful zoos in breeding snow leopards and have supplied many of them to European and American zoos.

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